Employer Branding Strategy

Winning and retaining the right employees

How can our company prevail in the “War for Talents” and attract as well as retain the right employees? For many companies, the job market has become a bottleneck for further growth. With a suitable Employer Branding Strategy, we help you to build a strong Employer Brand that sends out clear signals and makes your company attractive to the Right Potentials.

In the “War for Talents” a clear positioning is crucial.

In the struggle for skilled employees and candidates, it is becoming more and more important to clearly position oneself as an employer in the market. The aim of the Employer Branding Strategy is not to increase the number of received applications immeasurably, but to attract the Right Potentials. “Hire for Attitude not for skills” must be the motto. Among the best, those who really fit your company must be selected. An Employer Branding Strategy helps you to build up an attractive Employer Brand in order to attract the right employees and retain them in the long term. We speak of Internal Branding when it comes to anchoring the corporate brand in the mindset, feeling and acting of employees.

Employer Branding and Internal Branding go hand in hand.

Our value proposition

We develop your Employer Branding Strategy in a way you increase awareness and attractiveness for potential employees. Thus, you will not only gain “High Potentials”, but also “Right Potentials” that fit your company. As pioneers in the development of Employer Branding Strategies, we use our expertise to make a decisive value contributions to your effective Employer Brand.

Customers frequently ask us the following questions:

  • How do I develop an effective Employer Branding Strategy?
  • How can I prevail in the “War for Talents” and position myself as an attractive employer?
  • How do I build a strong Employer Brand?
  • How do I express my added value in order to attract the right employees?
  • How do I retain existing employees in the company and inspire them as an employer?
  • How can I differentiate myself as an employer from the competition?

A strong Employer Branding Strategy increases the quality of incoming applications, results in stronger employee loyalty in the long term and reduces fluctuation. The company’s performance increases.

Employer branding is more than just an employer-campaign.

The shortage of skilled workers is aggravated by demographic change. The responsible HR managers must react and position the company authentically and attractively on the labour market. Finding the right employees and binding them long-term to the company, requires more than just a campaign. It demands a clear Employer Branding Strategy and stringent implementation to increase the attractiveness of the employer. Otherwise, there is a risk that the promises of the employer campaign will not reflect the reality in the company: 65 percent of all new employees therefore experience an onboarding shock. Read more in our Candidate Experience Study.

Mastering the yin and yang of Employer Branding

We transfer the identity of the corporate brand in a systematic process and identify an effective Employer Brand Value Proposition or Great Place-to-Work message. This expresses your central added value as an employer: why do new employees choose your company, why do the current ones stay? This is the basis for a stringent implementation at all points of contact with potential applicants.

Process and Development of a strong Employer Brand

In this way, we consider the strengths of the company as an employer and link it with the wishes and needs of the candidate target group(s). In addition, we identify potentials for the differentiation from your competitors. The result: a convincing and unique message that effectively transports the core of the company and addresses the needs of the Right Potentials.

Effective implementation: from processes to communication

On the way from the Employer Brand Strategy to the implementation many companies lose a lot of their power. Through goal-oriented measures, we use our experience to ensure the development of an attractive employer image and thus the success of the Employer Branding Strategy. Internally, this includes the integration of the Employer Brand in HR processes and its anchoring in relevant departments. Externally, the focus is on the effective implementation of the Employer Brand in the form of a campaign and integrated measures at central recruiting touchpoints. This requires knowledge of the Candidate Journey and the Candidate Experience. Since candidates are “customers”, we use our deep knowledge of Customer Experience, Customer Journey and Customer Touchpoint Management to capture and optimize the Candidate Journey. Read more about our services: Customer Journey and Customer Experience.

Whether career fairs, direct candidate contacts during the recruiting process, career microsites, social networks etc.: Everywhere it has to be clear what you stand for as an employer and what (potential) employees can expect. For both internal and external measures, we develop a continuous and effective success monitoring over time.

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