Customer Journey & Customer Experience

On the way to becoming Customer Experience Champion

The number of Customer Touchpoints is exploding due to digitalization. The Customer Journey becomes more complex, expectations rise. Companies that know the crucial Customer Touchpoints and Customer Journeys for their brand and manage them correctly achieve a seamless Customer Experience and thus demonstrably more success.

What makes us special:

As a pioneer in Customer Experience Management, we pave your way to enthusiastic customers. We show you how to win new customers, retain existing ones in the long term and thus increase your performance.

The customer pays your bill.

The customer pays your bill. The customer also pays your salary. Are your employees aware of that? Do you act fully customer oriented in your company? Or do you still think in silos? Do you have slogans like “customer is king” which are not lived? Do you optimize the value for the company instead of the value for the customer?

In many companies, customer centricity is wishful thinking and not reality. Organizations are rarely consistently geared towards the customer in all relevant areas. In most cases it already fails because of the right mindset: customer orientation is underestimated. It is seen as a task for marketing and sales only. Whoever wants to inspire customers today needs more than just good products and services.

The Customer Experience Onion


Customers expect a seamless Brand Experience across all Customer Touchpoints. They expect a Customer Journey that is as simple and enjoyable as possible, without any breaks between the digital and real world. Customer expectations are shaped by brands that offer the best Customer Experience, regardless of category or industry. Standards are being redefined – you have to fulfil them as a brand. For many years we have been setting standards in Customer Experience and Customer Journey Management through our best practice projects, research studies and publications. Benefit from our expertise in the systematic optimization of Customer Touchpoint Management, the continuous improvement of Customer Experience and the persona-specific design of Customer Journeys. For a holistic Customer Experience, better performance and more success.

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