Brand Strategy & Brand Implementation

The foundation of a successful brand

Brands are central value creators for companies and a platform for future growth. They are meaningful for customers. Strong brands provide orientation and create trust. The basis for this is a profound brand identity with clear brand values and a convincing brand positioning, which are consistently implemented within the company, among employees and in all marketing measures towards the customer.

What makes us special:

We know how to develop a successful and pioneering Brand Strategy, how to implement it sustainably and how to lead your brand effectively to the desired goal.

From the Brand Strategy to an effective implementation within the company and towards customers to a clear brand image

Brands are images in people’s minds. A clear and preference-forming brand image is not a random product, but the result of a strategical process.

From strategy to implementation to a clear brand image – we support you!

Brand Strategy: The process starts inside the company

Brands grow from within. The brand identity embraces the essential characteristics of a brand. To capture the brand identity, we use the brand steering wheel, developed by us. With the development of the brand positioning you determine why customers should buy your brand. The brand positioning expresses what your brand is particularly good at. This applies to corporate brands as well as to product or family brands. Many companies have several brands, so that brand portfolios, product programs and brand architectures have to be optimized so that effective brand growth can be initiated. Companies also have a special target group: potential employees who are being courted in the “War for Talents”. This is why an effective Employer Brand strategy must be used to develop a strong Employer Brand based on the corporate brand.

The ESCH. brand steering wheel with Hard and Soft Facts of a brand

Implementation is strategy

The successful implementation within the company and towards the customer brings your brand to life and leads to the desired success. The better the Brand Strategy is implemented, the clearer the brand image and the preferences for the brand.

Brand implementation within the company

First, the brand has to be implemented, through an internal branding program, into the mindset, feeling and acting of your employees. Thus, the employees get enabled to design all measures for customers, from the product to communication, in a brand-conformant manner and can also act according to the brand towards customers. Employees are the face of your brand. This also means that processes and structures have to be matched with the brand and customers.

Brand implementation towards customers

Only what customers see, makes a contribution to success. Your brand must be transferred into communication, product, sales and service. From the agency pitch to the effective implementation of concrete measures, we support you with our long-term experience and expertise for your success in the market.

Brand Strategy and Brand Implementation are our core competencies. This is where we come from and our clients benefit from our unique know-how.

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