ESCH. Seminars

In our seminars, we give executives and employees a knowledge advantage in subject areas that further advance their company: profound, vivid, interactive and practical.

Securing knowledge advantage

Our seminars offer a mix of exciting impulse speeches, numerous best-practice examples, individual and group exercises in which you creatively work by yourself, as well as inspired discussion and questioning sessions. You will work together to develop case studies referring brand and communication, learn about new approaches for your own business, and use checklists that will help you with your further brand decisions. By transferring what you have learned to your company, you will create direkt starting points already during the seminar, from which you kann benefit immediately afterwards.

Our seminars address upper and middle mangament.

Inhouse seminars: tailor-made for your needs.

In ESCH. In-house seminars executives and employees of a company expand their expertise or acquire relevant insights in new topics. Together with our clients, we individually define training content, focus and framework conditions and bundle these in a suitable program with the necessary learning steps and learning outcomes.

Your added value at our seminars:

  • Valuable impulses and tips from “brand pope” Prof. Dr. Franz-Rudolf Esch
  • Versatile practicla exercises you kann transfer to your own corporate practice
  • Personal exchange with the brand expets of ESCH. and interesting marketing personalities

We increase the success of your brand. Contact us.