Brand Growth: Brand Stretching & Brand Cooperation

Systematically shaping the path to profitable growth

Do you want to use the power of your brand to improve your market position? Do you want to conquer new product categories, target groups or markets or forge brand cooperation through brand stretching? What options does digitalization offer for your brand growth? We show potentials and help you to use the positive leverage of your brand for a lasting increase in profitability.

Brands that do not move die.

Profitable growth is essential for the survival of companies. It increases the company`s value and permanently ensures profitability.

However, many brands fall short of their potential. In order to score points in a competitive comparison, the dormant growth potential of your own brand must be identified and retrieved. Digitalization and new technologies in particular offer many opportunities for meaningful and beneficial innovations for customers. This requires an “ear to the market” and a corresponding spectrum of methods (including social listening, empathic research, (n)ethnography, observations, focus groups and in-depth exploration) to generate valuable and useful customer insights.

Growth options through digitalization

Achieving brand growth through:

  • Systematic exploitation of the potential in the brand and customer funnel,
  • innovations from the brand and from the needs of the customers,
  • brand stretching into new product categories, customer target groups and markets through
  • brand cooperation (brand alliances, ingredient branding, co-promotion, co-advertising)

But growth does not mean growth at all costs. Growth path and pace have to fit to the brand, otherwise there is a risk of diluting the brand. We ensure that innovations obtain acceptance by the end customer, and that brand values ​​are effectively transported to new customer segments and sales markets through a brand-compliant implementation.

Our value proposition

We holistically identify specific growth barriers and growth drivers along the Sales Funnel.

Together with you, we systematically uncover potential for brand stretching and thus for the growth of your brand and select the most suitable strategic option. We work with you to develop new approaches to products, customer contact and customer interaction to drive growth. We explore your brand extension options and the involvement of cooperation partners for further growth. By taking a holistic view on brand, customer, market and competition perspectives, we put your brand on the right growth path. Based on our many years of experience, we can also show you which growth paths do not work, thereby saving valuable resources and avoiding damage to your brand. Together we will make your brand shine.

The ESCH. Growth Diamond

Customers frequently ask us the following questions:

  • How can I use the power of my brand to conquer new product categories, target groups or markets?
  • Is my brand suitable for a brand extension?
  • How do I use the positive leverage effect of my brand for a lasting profitability increase?
  • How do I minimize the risks of brand stretching?
  • How do I find the right partner for a brand cooperation / brand alliance?
  • What options does digitalization offer for my brand growth?

Brand Stretching

Conquer new product categories, target groups or markets

Brands are striving for growth like plants strive for light. Strong brands offer great potential for growth, which must be utilized without overstretching the brand. Brand growth through the systematic use of potentials and by expanding brand competence is desirable. Brand stretching updates your brand and creates a positive image transfer from the brand to new areas and back.

However, growth also has its limits: Any brand stretching can enter dangerous zones or death zones, if the brand exceeds its competences and the value proposition to customers is diluted. In the worst case, the brand suffers so much that it loses its relevance for customers. Every brand has limits that must be respected or that must be overcome by an intervention in brand values and a corresponding brand repositioning.

Our value proposition

We examine the feasibility and probability of success of various brand expansion options with proven methods from ESCH. In doing so, we consider the identity and strengths of your brand, the needs and requirements of your customers as well as the competitors and success factors in the new markets. On this basis we identify suitable strategies to successfully position your brand in a new market. This includes classic feasibility analyses in the sense of make-or-buy decisions (brand licensing). By doing so, we minimize negative feedback on the parent brand, maintain the brand capital in the minds of your customers and lead you to new, profitable growth areas through brand stretching.

Brand Cooperation

Finding the right partner for successful brand growth

“So hedge therefore, who join forever.” Brand cooperation offer an attractive opportunity for further profitable growth. However, brand alliances can have positive as well as negative effects on customers’ brand assessment. The chosen partner is therefore crucial for success.

And that exactly is the challenge: On the one hand, the partner brand has to match your brand, otherwise negative radiating effects and a lack of acceptance by customers would be inevitable. On the other hand, the partner brand has to add something valuable for your brand and the products and services offered in a brand alliance. To build successful alliances, the right partner has to be found, the roles between the brands have to be clearly allocated and the implementation has to remain consistent.

Our value proposition

With us you make the right choice. We support you with a profound analysis grid for the strategic decision for or against a brand alliance. We define the content of the partnership with you and assist you with implementation and performance control, regardless of whether it is about co-advertising or co-promotion, co-branding or building an ingredient brand. Together with you, we examine the chances of success of this option to capitalize your brand and support you in the strategic decision on partner and cooperation model.

We increase the success of your brand. Contact us.