Brand Research & Customer Insights

Understand the market and customers and act correctly

Our motto is: Who asks, leads! Because an understanding of the market, brand strength and deep customer insights are central success factors. Those who really understand the wishes and needs of their customers and know how their own brand can best assert themselves in the competitive environment are in the lead.


What is special about us:

We get to the bottom of things and generate deeper brand, market and customer insights. Thanks to our scientific roots and more than 30 years of research and consulting experience, we not only know the right methods, but also ask the right questions and give better answers.

Understand customers and the market together

Despite all the possibilities that the (digital) world offers today for exploring brands, markets or customer insights, brand management in many companies is not based on facts, but rather on the basis of incomplete data or the guts of the responsible brand manager. In doing so, one’s own knowledge or existing data is rarely critically reflected or even questioned. But how well do you really know the market, your target groups or the central differentiation criteria and potentials of your brand? Are you sure you are asking the right questions with the right methods to get the brand, market, competitive, or customer insights that will bring your brand forward? And do you get the most out of the available data, are you really objective in your interpretation and are you drawing the right conclusions for your brand? Brand control based on a poor database or even from the gut is like a Russian roulette for brands.

In times when only the strongest brands survive, it is essential to know where you stand and how you can continuously develop in terms of brand values ​​and positioning as well as the customer. To do this, you need in-depth knowledge of brand strength and the drivers of your brand, for example through systematic brand controlling or brand strength measurements. A deep dive into the market, looking through the customer’s glasses and valid customer insights can be “decisive for the war”. “If you stop getting better, you’ve stopped being good.” – Brands that don’t move die.

Customers often ask us the following questions:

  • Who are our (potential) target groups?
  • What needs and wishes do our customers have?
  • How do I conduct a meaningful brand audit?
  • How do I measure brand strength?
  • How strong is my brand and what are the drivers for future growth?
  • How do I measure the impact of my measures to strengthen the brand?
  • How do our customers experience our brands and services?
  • How satisfied are our customers and how do we increase customer loyalty?
  • How does my brand fare in the competitive environment and where is the potential untapped?
  • How will the market, competitors and customer needs develop?
  • How do I initiate effective and sustainable brand controlling?
  • How effective are my investments in marketing?
  • How strongly do my employees identify with the brand?
  • How attractive am I as an employer?

Depending on the goal and the respective question, an effective study design must be developed that is based on valid methods and at the same time does justice to the respective object of investigation (customers, interested parties, sales partners, business partners, employees, applicants, etc.). We work with a wide range of methods and use them tailor-made for you. We are not pulling any approaches out of the drawer. The method follows the problem, not the other way around.

We use a wide range of tried and tested (digital) methods and indicators:

Our spectrum of methods ranges from quantitative methods such as telephone interviews and online studies to qualitative approaches and individual explorations such as in-depth interviews or focus groups to (n) ethnographic studies, observations, diary methods, design thinking, social listening or empathic research – from personal to virtual approaches. We know which approach brings valid market and customer insights to light. Our possible services are:

We get more out of your data and, thanks to our brand strategy expertise, give well-founded recommendations for sustainable strengthening of your brand.

We increase the success of your brand. Contact us.