What are you concerned with?

Every company is unique. It is the same with the challenges that you have to master. Our clients inquiries show that. They are diverse and complex. Our range of services gives you an initial insight into our value contribution for you. However, we cannot map all the individual requests that we have already successfully solved with our clients. Therefore: Let us talk about your individual challenges. We support our clients with the following questions in order to make their companies and their brands more successful:


Typical questions you may ask yourself:

  • Do we know our customers well enough? Do we know what they think of us and what they want from us?
  • How is our brand currently positioned? What are the starting points for optimization?
  • How is our market developing? Which influences do we have to consider?
  • What are our competitors doing? Where are they better positioned, where are we ahead?
  • Are we positioned in a way that we can continue to be successful in the future?


Typical questions that may move you:

  • How do I develop a clear purpose?
  • Are our corporate values still up-to-date?
  • What is our vision? How can we translate this into goals, strategies, measures and KPIs?
  • How do I develop a convincing (corporate) brand strategy?
  • Does our brand strategy still fit?
  • How can we effectively develop brand identity, brand values ​​and brand positioning?
  • How do I create an appealing employer brand?
  • How do we optimally manage our brand portfolio? Are the roles, territories and hierarchies of brands and products clearly defined?
  • Is our brand architecture set up correctly and sensibly?
  • Do our historically grown structures still make sense?
  • How do we manage a brand transformation?
  • How do we manage a brand merger?
  • How far can I stretch my brand?
  • How do I form brand alliances effectively?
  • What growth options do we have for the brand?
  • How do I successfully create new business models?
  • How do I get my brand ready for the digital world?


Typical questions you may ask yourself:

External implementation

  • How do I identify the right agency for the communicative implementation?
  • How do I translate the strategy into an effective communicative implementation?
  • How do I translate the brand into the 4 P’s?
  • What do I have to do to effectively anchor the brand into the company?
  • How do I optimize the customer experience?
  • How do I make the brand perceptible?
  • How do I design optimal customer journeys and optimize relevant customer contact points?
  • How can I use digitization to better and more easily serve customer needs?
  • How can I effectively implement the brand in the digital area?

Internal implementation

  • How do I create a customer-centric company?
  • How do I implement the brand in the way employees think, feel and act?
  • What internal branding measures can I initiate?
  • How do I accompany the internal transformation and the necessary change?
  • How do I realign my organization and optimize structures and processes?
  • How do I attract the right employees?
  • How do I design the candidate experience and onboarding?


Typical questions that you may also be concerned with:

  • How strong is my brand – also in comparison with the competition?
  • How strong is our brand performing? How can I make this measurable?
  • How satisfied are our customers with our brand and our services?
  • How do I design a brand control cockpit?
  • How do I develop a system for measuring employee identification, engagement and commitment?
  • How do I continuously track the success of my measures?
  • How do I optimize budgets through Marketing Spend Effectiveness?
  • How do I sustainably implement brand and customer centricity controlling at the level of measures, behavior and effects?

How we work with you

We love challenges and aim to master them together with you in the best possible way. We work closely with you and dive deep into your problem. Together we identify dormant potentials and open strategic issues as the basis for developing a tailor-made approach for you. Based on our many years of experience, we take into account:

building the necessary commitment among the relevant stakeholders,

  • possible obstacles that may arise,
  • who is to be involved in the process when and how,
  • which steps are required and which are not and
  • how to get to your goal as effectively and efficiently as possible, in other words in a resource-saving manner.

We want to exactly understand you and your company so that together we can find the best solution for you. If you have a question, need to exchange information or have a specific request, we will clarify exactly how we can best support you in an initial, non-binding telephone call. The cooperation can then be individually tailored to your needs. We advise you virtually from the back office, work with you in personal workshops on-site or develop joint concepts in virtual work meetings. Regardless of whether you are in Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Vienna, Zurich, Arnsberg or Detmold – we advise and support you everywhere and are happy to visit you.

The methods and tools we use

Methods and tools are not an end in themselves, just like the way in which we work with you. That is why we are showing you a small range of our methods, tools and working methods, which we tailor to your needs depending on the challenge and client in order to ensure the best possible result. In this way, we make sure that we choose methods that suit you and are perfectly fitted to solving your challenge.

Our wide range of validated methods and success indicators

We increase the success of your brand. Contact us.