Implementation of the corporate philosophy & change management

Getting the employees behind the new corporate philosophy

How do you get the organization behind a new corporate philosophy? How big is the need for change? What are suitable measures to implement purpose, vision and corporate values? We help you to shape this change process effectively and to inspire employees.

Successfully implement the corporate philosophy with the help of change management

What uses a corporate philosophy or a demanding vision if they are not implemented in the company? In many companies, their own values ​​are not lived, the purpose and the vision remain in the dark. Only 58 percent of all managers convey a clear vision and only 49 percent encourage and enable their employees to act accordingly. The written words on paper do not bring success, but what you implement successfully. Ingredients for success are:

  • strong leadership,
  • a convincing initial spark,
  • the participation and creation of meaning for employees in order to increase their motivation, engagement and commitment,
  • a sustainable program that does not neglect emotional anchoring any more than rational implementation through concrete measures and
  • a systematic controlling of the progress.

Change takes time and the full attention of the management. However, this is rewarded with outstanding performance. All studies that we know confirm this.

Our value proposition

With proven approaches to implementation and change management, we anchor purpose (mission), corporate values and vision in the thoughts, feelings and actions of employees and thereby increase employee performance for our clients. For sustainable implementation, we support you with effective project management and systematic change management.

Customers often ask us the following questions:

  • How do I make the implementation of the corporate philosophy relevant for managers and employees and create commitment at all levels?
  • How do I anchor the new or further developed corporate philosophy in the organization? How does it succeed that our corporate philosophy determines our corporate culture?
  • What are suitable emotional and rational measures that sustainably enforce the anchoring among managers and employees?
  • How do I ensure that our corporate philosophy also determines our leadership culture?
  • How do I systematically control the progress of the change management process?

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