Corporate strategy, formulation of goals, planning of measures & KPIs

Coordinate goals, strategies and measures

What do purpose and vision mean for your business model? Are there new opportunities for digital business models? How well are your goals, strategies and measures coordinated? Are the goals clear? Do you have too many goals that make it difficult for you to achieve them? Do you measure target achievement with the right KPIs? We help you to focus on a few and particularly important goals, to identify these precisely and to implement them successfully with effective strategies and action planning.

Correct formulation of goals and strict action planning are essential

The coherent derivation of goals, strategies and the planning of measures to implement the vision pose great challenges for companies. Too many, not clearly operationalized and contradicting goals are the consequence. A system is therefore required for the coherent operationalization of the vision across all levels and areas of the company. First of all, it helps to derive a target-strategy-measures map with a few objectives and central measures. Because we know: the fewer and more specific the goals, the higher the chance of success. We will do this with you appropriately and concisely. A changed purpose and a new vision are also often the starting point for questioning existing business models. New business models made possible by digitization and other perspectives must also be determined and evaluated from the company and customer perspective. We are your sparring partner.

Operationalization of the vision and the purpose (mission)

Business Model Canvas for capturing the business model using Airbnb as an example

Our value proposition

Together with you, we translate and focus the vision into a few SMART goals, relevant measures and KPIs for the measurement of your progress. We put your business model to the test and develop it further. For the sustainable implementation of the strategy, we support you with effective project management and systematic change management.

Customers often ask us the following questions:

  • How do I ensure that all of our company’s efforts are aligned with our vision?
  • How do I derive the right goals, strategies and measures from vision and purpose?
  • How do I strategically coordinate goals, strategies and action planning?
  • What are the effects of a new or changed purpose and an ambitious vision for our business model?
  • How is there an effective alignment between existing strategies and newly developed or changed vision?
  • What new options does digitization offer?

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