Development of the corporate philosophy: Purpose / vision / corporate values

Purpose, vision and corporate values ​​provide orientation and support

Purpose is on everyone’s lips right now. ESCH. The Brand Consultants had already developed and implemented purposes for customers at a time when nobody was talking about it. Because we know that an authentic purpose, a clear vision and convincing corporate values give your entire company support and orientation. Start into a successful future – we will help you develop your corporate philosophy.

Provide orientation and do the right things

The development of corporate philosophy includes the purpose, vision and corporate values. The purpose or mission describes why the company exists and what drives it. Companies often find it difficult to develop a convincing purpose because managers have to reflect in an uncompromising navel-gazing on what is the real drive of the company and its contribution to society. You can only do this with the right process and a range of methods that bring the core of your company to the outside world. And the buy-in and involvement of the top management. We can prove that we can do that.

The ESCH. “Haltungshaus” summarizes the purpose (mission), vision and corporate values.

The corporate values ​​/ principles define what the company and its employees stand up for. Principles and values ​​should shape culture: three to five values ​​are ideal. Typical behaviors, attitudes and norms that shape corporate culture and occur in many ways must be separated from the essential things that are important for a company. We are particularly good at that.

The vision creates enthusiasm for upcoming tasks and focuses all employees in the company on a common goal that is to be achieved. The big goal is not a castle in the air, it is rather a vision that management believes in and that has been checked against possible future scenarios and developments in the market. It represents what you can believe you can achieve. Finding the right level of ambition and accessibility is the challenge that we master with you.

Our value proposition:

We help you to develop a corporate philosophy (purpose, vision and corporate values) and describe together with you the core of your company and what it wants to achieve, vividly and future-oriented, in order to focus your actions on the essentials.

Customers often ask us the following questions:

  • How do we proceed in developing and sharpening the corporate philosophy? Will our existing corporate philosophy still meet future challenges?
  • How do we develop a clear purpose that motivates employees and guides our thoughts and actions?
  • What is our vision, our ambitious goal? How can we develop this meaningfully in a VUCA world?
  • What values ​​and principles do we stand for? Are these still sustainable? How must and can we change?
  • Is it necessary to change our corporate culture? How can we adapt our corporate culture? What changes in our corporate philosophy are necessary?

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