Customer Experience Execution

Inspire customers with a system

Does your brand offer a seamless experience? Do you know how to inspire customers with your brand? Strong brands create a holistic Brand Experience and leave their competitors behind. We identify levers to optimize the Customer Experience, create new, relevant contact points and develop a coherent Customer Experience Strategy for your brand.

Inspire customers with a holistic Brand Experience

Do you already inspire or are you still frustrating? In 5 steps we implement a successful Customer Experience Management together with you.

Die fünf Schritte der Customer Experience Execution (CXX)

The five steps of Customer Experience Execution (CXX)

Step 1: Customer Experience is a management issue. In this respect, a CX project remains a stillbirth as long as you do not achieve buy-in from the board. We show you how to get the commitment of the decision makers and how to anchor Customer Centricity in their hearts and minds.

Step 2: Many companies are betting on the wrong horse. To ensure that this does not happen to you, we collect, categorize and prioritize the real and digital contact points of your brand together. True to the motto: Do not miss anything and evaluate soberly.

Step 3: Customers are wanderers between the worlds. Together with you, we uncover how your customers behave on their journey, where they are and how they jump between real and digital Touchpoints. This is how we find the Moments of Truth together.

Step 4: The whole is more than the sum of its parts. If you manage to keep the same brand promise at every Touchpoint, you will be successful. To do this, you must continuously improve existing Touchpoints and successfully introduce new contact point innovations. We use the latest knowledge, tools and methods in the field of consumer and customer insights. The next step is the implementation. We don’t leave you alone with strategies and insights, but show you how to implement Customer Experience in the thinking, feeling and acting of your company.

Step 5: What get’s measured get’s done. Only those who measure Customer Experience efforts can manage them in the long term. There are numerous pitfalls to be aware of. We will show you how to navigate them confidently and build a controlling cockpit that is tailored to your organization.


Beispielhaftes Controlling-Cockpit

Exemplary controlling cockpit

Our value proposition

Customer Experience Management pays off. Qualitatively and financially. In our 5 steps of Customer Experience Execution we show you a systematic approach to optimize Customer Experience and thus inspire and retain customers in the long term. Based on decades of experience, this approach is scientifically sound, supported by numerous studies and above all successful in practice. We are committed to making Customer Experience relevant to board members and executives and to anchor it in the heart and brain of the organization.

Customers frequently ask us the following questions:

  • How do I get the management on board?
  • How can I ensure that the Customer Experience is not just an empty phrase on a PowerPoint slide, but is actually lived?
  • What are success factors? What are the pitfalls of implementing a Customer Experience project?
  • How do I create a seamless Customer Experience?
  • How do I manage to inspire and retain customers in the long term?

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