Customer Journey & Creating Personas

Knowing where the customer travels

Do you know the Customer Journey of your target groups? Getting an understanding of the Customer Experience chain is essential to immerse yourself in the Brand Experience of your customers. Every contact point in the Customer Journey leaves a positive or negative fingerprint for your brand. We explore the Customer Journey for your brand and create suitable personas together. This is how we create the conditions for precise strategy development and the effective use of your budget.

Understand the Customer Journeys of your target groups with the help of created personas

There is not just one Customer Journey. Customer Journeys vary according to occasions and target groups. An initial purchase of a brand requires a different Customer Journey than a complaint or the use of a service.

There are also different target groups with varying needs and different Customer Journeys. In this respect, the relevant personas and their behaviour patterns for determining the essential Customer Journeys must be created and clearly depicted.

Every Touchpoint within a Customer Journey leaves a fingerprint on the brand, whether consciously or unconsciously, controlled or not controlled. However, only a small proportion of them achieve influencing and behavioural effects. These so-called Gain Points (moments of enthusiasm) and Pain Points (moments of frustration) have to be explored during the journey. The analysis of the Customer Journey enables an understanding of the Customer’s Experience Chain and identifies potential for improvement in the selected phases of the buying process.

Example of a Customer Journey Simulation

Our value proposition

Due to our decades of consulting and research work, we know that customers differ. That is why we create appropriate personas for the perfect representation of your target groups together. We create transparency in the essential Customer Journeys for the effective use of your marketing budget. Depending on the questions in the company, we select the right qualitative and quantitative methods for you from our unique toolset and combine the real with the digital world.

Customers frequently ask us the following questions:

  • Which personas are the most important? What criteria must a persona meet? How many personas do I need to create for the representation of my target groups in the best possible way?
  • Where are our Gain Points? Where can we inspire our customers?
  • What are our Pain Points? Which parts of the Customer Journey lead to moments of frustration? Where lies a risk of an exodus?
  • Which contact points are redundant on the Customer Journey? Which ones can be cut down?


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