Seminar: Purpose and vision (dates will follow)

Together, we will dive into the world around the topic of purpose, vision and principles in our one-day seminar. In our top management seminar, you will discuss together with brand pope Prof. Dr. Franz-Rudolf Esch what is important in the attitude and vision house. In addition, the seminar leaves enough room for exchange with other top managers in a protected circle.

Core contents of the live online seminar:

  • Big Picture: Learning from strong personalities and companies
  • Keynote: Purpose, vision, principles – what are they?
  • Leadership management: Acting in a meaningful way and engaging employees
  • Taking the right path: Application of strategy and its implementation
  • Mission statement starts in the head, ends in action: Anchoring with employees

Your added value with our seminar:

  • Valuable impulses and tips from the brand pope Prof. Dr. Franz-Rudolf Esch on vision and purpose
  • Best practices and worst practices from the brand world
  • Expertise from 25 years of national and international consulting projects that make ESCH. The Brand Consultants to one of the top consultancies
  • Opportunities for personal exchange with Prof. Dr. Franz-Rudolf Esch and other top managers

Target group:

  • Top management (board members and managing directors)

Purpose, vision and corporate principles drive brand success. In our workshop, we will show you what makes strong personalities and companies. We will explore the question – why is purpose important for companies? And show you why purpose is the guiding star in the sky and vision is the harbor to reach. Prof. Dr. Franz-Rudolf Esch will show you what is behind purpose, vision and corporate principles and how this approach motivates and engages managers and employees. Secure one of the limited seats in the workshop and steer your boat into the safe harbor.

Participation fee:

Euro 1.999, plus VAT.

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