Live online seminar: Personas and customer journey (dates will follow)

In our half-day live online seminar, we dive into the basics of the customer journey and personas together with you. Through a mix of keynote presentations, individual and group exercises, you will learn to understand your customers’ journey and the importance of personas.

Core contents of the live online seminar

  • Introduction to the world of the customer journey and its terminology
  • The importance of personas and how to use them in daily doing
  • The simulation of different journeys for different personas
  • Identification of gain and pain points in the customer journey

Your added value with our live online seminar

  • Valuable impulses and tips from our brand and customer journey experts
  • Expertise from 700+ national and international consulting projects that make ESCH. The Brand Consultants one of the top consultancies for marketing
  • Exciting insights from the trainers’ many years of practical and project experience
  • Versatile practical exercises

Participation fee:

Euro 499, plus VAT.
You can find more information about the seminar in the agenda.

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