Wofür wir stehen

It’s attitude you can feel.

We are the original when it comes to brand. The only consultancy with university DNA.

Attitude also requires principles to stand up for. These four principles are the cornerstones of our daily actions:

We operate like entrepreneurs.

We do what is necessary to increase your success. In doing so, we pay attention to and make the most of existing resources.

We don’t follow, we lead.

We aspire to be ahead: in what we think and what we do.

We are a team. Ego gamblers do not fit in here.

We do not work against one another but together, making the best possible use of all our employees’ individual strengths.

What counts is performance, not show.

Content and results are the essence of our work, not show or pretty pictures.

Awarded several times as the best consultants for marketing, brand and price.


Brand eins and Statista select top consultancies once again.

After the first-time compilation of the top consultancies in Germany in 2014 by brand eins and statista, one of the world’s largest statistics portals on the Internet, ESCH.The Brand Consultants has been named the best consultants in marketing, brand and price for the sixth time in 2021.
We thank all our clients for their trust and successful cooperation.

Ranking background

In the comprehensive industry overview, brand eins explores the question of where the consulting industry is heading and uses extensive market research to determine the top performers out of approximately 19,000 consulting firms in Germany. On the one hand, around 2,100 consultants were asked for their colleague recommendations, on the other hand, around 1,500 executives from DAX, M-DAX and S-DAX companies on the client side gave their vote online.

Source: brand eins / Thema: Wir bauen um. Wer sind die richtigen Partner für den Wandel? Die besten Unternehmensberater in Deutschland 2021. Das große Ranking von statista, 8. Jg., Booklet No. 19, March-Mai 2021.


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