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The Power of the Brand.


Strong brands are a source of orientation and support.

Strong brands give employees a firm foundation and help customers find their way through the flood of products and services. Strong brands create clear preferences and generate loyalty. They are the key contributors to value creation in companies.

We are united by the passion for brands and the will to continuously improve the brands we work for. For greater growth and greater profitability. This is what we vouch for – every day.

People are seekers of meaning. Brands are creators of meaning.

Only brands that have a clear identity and express it create meaning. That’s why our focus is on brand identity.

The brand comes from within. The brand’s identity shapes all actions and establishes the basis for growth.

The secret to brand management is to align the brand’s identity with customer needs and to transform this into tangible initiatives. This creates both preferences and loyalty. People are visually driven. Only perceivability makes a contribution to the success of the brand.

Our drive: Improving.

The world changes, we change. Our motivation is to keep getting better. We strive to improve the tried and tested and add new research findings and insights to our work, always keeping an eye on what makes sense and what doesn’t. We don’t chase after trends, but rather focus on what really works.

Novelty is not an end in itself: it must serve the purpose of successful implementation.

The success of our customers is what counts for us.

We are our customers’ Trusted Advisor. We have maintained long-standing relationships with a significant number of our customers. Their problems are our problems. To meet these challenges, we develop the best possible solution together with our partners. The success of our partners is what counts. This is our ultimate reward. Consulting is a matter of trust. That’s why our customers’ successes and the path leading to those successes are in safe hands with us. In silence, we rejoice.

Awarded several times as the best consultants for marketing, brand and price. 

Brand eins and Statista select top consultancies once again.

After the first-time compilation of the top consultancies in Germany in 2014 by brand eins and statista, one of the world’s largest statistics portals on the Internet, ESCH.The Brand Consultants has been named the best consultants in marketing, brand and price for the sixth time in 2021.
We thank all our clients for their trust and successful cooperation.

Ranking background

In the comprehensive industry overview, brand eins explores the question of where the consulting industry is heading and uses extensive market research to determine the top performers out of approximately 19,000 consulting firms in Germany. On the one hand, around 2,100 consultants were asked for their colleague recommendations, on the other hand, around 1,500 executives from DAX, M-DAX and S-DAX companies on the client side gave their vote online.
Source: brand eins / Thema: Wir bauen um. Wer sind die richtigen Partner für den Wandel? Die besten Unternehmensberater in Deutschland 2021. Das große Ranking von statista, 8. Jg., Booklet No. 19, March-Mai 2021.

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