Brand communication


Does your brand communication convey your brand’s values and positioning clearly and unambiguously? Are the brand values played out effectively at all communicative contact points? Are your communication measures effectively coordinated? Are you looking for a new communication / CD agency within the framework of a pitch? Can you still leverage potential to further optimise your brand communication? Is the ratio of long-term brand building and short-term push actions appropriate?

Effectively translating brand into brand communication

Perception is reality. Only what the customer perceives makes a contribution to the brand. However, 90 percent of all implementations at the customer do not achieve the desired effect. There is a gap in implementation. We help you to effectively implement the brand in the 4Ps.

In the course of implementing the strategy, the implementation gap must be overcome.

Our value proposition for you

We accompany you on the way to effective brand communication and implementation of your brand in product, price and service and stand by your side every step of the way. From defining a clear communication strategy with smart objectives and selecting the right agency and pitch support, to the perceptible implementation of your values in brand communication, price, product and service and the (ongoing) optimisation of existing measures. Together we ensure the brand experience across all contact points of the customer journey and create a convincing brand presence that counts towards your brand account.

Clients often ask us the following questions:

  • How do I develop a clear communication strategy?
  • Which communication goals and strategies can I use to raise awareness and strengthen the image of the brand, to encourage customers to buy or to improve customer loyalty?
  • How can I effectively translate my brand values and positioning into brand communication?
  • How can I consistently bring my brand to life across all contact points?
  • Do I have the right agency by my side to implement the brand strategy?
  • How do I create a good pitch? What criteria should be applied to select the right partner?
  • How do I optimise existing communication measures in the sense of the brand? What makes for good brand communication?
  • What changes and opportunities arise from digital brand communication?
  • How can I make my brand tangible in my products, pricing and services?

Effective brand communication

Effective brand communication
We support you in strategically aligning your brand communication and effectively implementing it across the various contact points. The goal is to create a convincing and integrated brand communication that pays off in the long term. For the communicative translation of the brand, we apply scientifically sound criteria and examine the following aspects, among others:

  • Perceptibility: Is your brand positioning perceptible even when viewed fleetingly?
  • Independence: Is your brand communication designed so independently that it cannot be confused with other brands?
  • Integration: Does your brand always appear with the same formal appearance and coherent in terms of content?
  • Target groups and media: Is the implementation media-specific and adapted to your respective target group needs?

Agency selection and pitch support: finding the right agency partner

Which agency is right for us? How do we design effective pitches? What criteria do we use to select the right partner? We help you separate the wheat from the chaff and identify the best agency for you. Choosing the right agency from more than 10,000 communication agencies is not easy. Not all agencies are the same, the best entertainers at presentations are not necessarily the best at effectively implementing communications. We support you neutrally and independently in a systematic process in the search for a suitable advertising/CD/digital agency and replace gut feeling with a coherent catalogue of requirements and evaluation. We objectify the decisions, moderate the decision-making process in the pitch and accompany the agency through optimisation loops to the best possible result for you.

Optimisation of communication measures: Always improving is an inner ambition

There is always room for improvement. How satisfied are you with your communication measures and your communication impact? We help you identify and leverage potential for making your communication more effective.

Optimising communication: Ensuring impact

This will help you reach the heart and brain of your customers more effectively and make the best use of your existing communication tools and communication investments. Whether packaging, commercials, advertisements, websites, social media, events, sponsoring or the appearance at the point of sale – we optimise your communication on the basis of behavioural and neuroscientific findings. Not only for individual communication tools, but for all contact points on the customer journey. For a seamless customer experience and an easy customer journey. This is how we ensure impact and support the success of your brand.

Replace “gut feeling” with robust criteria

Our foundation is Prof. Esch’s many years of experience and his achievements in communication research. We evaluate communication measures according to the latest behavioural and neuroscientific findings and develop well-founded potential for improvement. Together with our clients, we set standards for future, successful communication and thereby increase your performance in the market.

We increase the success of your brand. Contact us.