Identity and Positioning:
Successful through focus.
Brands need a strong base. Brand identity encompasses the core characteristics
of a brand and sets the boundaries for managerial actions. Building on this, the
positioning focuses on why customers should choose your brand over the competition.
Strong brands bridge the gap between remaining true to themselves and adapting
to and growing in changing market conditions.

Giving your brand a unique personality.

Together with our clients, we unveil the essential and core characteristics of their brands. Through a well-grounded and proven process, we link the perspectives of management and customers. To achieve this, we make use of comprehensive methodological know-how, sophisticated and proven tools as well as our extensive experience from numerous successful projects. We develop brand identities in a holistic, comprehensible and forward-looking fashion, without losing sight of your brand’s core. We create commitment in the company for the jointly developed solution and thereby lay the foundation for a successful implementation.


Using the brand steering wheel by Prof. Dr. Esch, together with our clients we answer the following questions:


  • What makes the brand what it is? (Brand characteristics)
  • What does the brand offer? (Brand benefits)
  • What is the brand like? (Brand tonality)
  • How does the brand come across? (Brand image)
  • Who is the brand? (Brand competence)



Occupying a preferred place in the target group’s mind.

Positioning in the market means focussing on a few key characteristics. The key question is: “Why should a customer choose your brand and no other?” The positioning reflects a brand’s special characteristics, differentiates, and is relevant for the customer. Only through clear positioning can a brand achieve a unique position in the minds of their target groups that shapes preferences.



Perception is Reality – Implementation is Strategy!

The positioning serves as a guideline for brand implementation in clearly defined measures (product, communication, price, distribution, sales, structures, processes etc.).  Only that which customers perceive contributes to your brand’s profile. However, 90 per cent of all implementations don’t convey your brand image. To make sure that well-meaning concepts don’t end up as toothless paper tigers, we combine our expertise in strategy with cutting-edge communication and behavioural science findings and thereby support our clients in implementing their positioning at key customer touchpoints.

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“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”


Lucius Annaeus Seneca


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