Research & Customer Insights

To create a deep understanding of the market and the customers.

Our philosophy: If you don’t ask you can’t lead. Do you ask the right questions to obtain the right understanding of your customers and the market-insights that you need to push your brand forward? Understanding the customer is key to success. Those who understand the wishes and needs of thier customers and know best how their brand is perceived in the marked will be a step ahead.

Mirjam Stahl
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What makes us special:

We get to the bottom of things and based on our long-standing know-how as well as 30 years of university research. We do not only ask the right questions but we also give the better answers.

The challenges and questions are diverse:

  • How strong is my brand and what are drivers for future growth?
  • Which needs and whishes do customers have?
  • Who are our (potential) target groups?
  • How do our customers experience our brands and services?
  • How satisfied are customers with our offers and how do we create stronger customer loyalty?
  • What measures can I use to attract new customers?
  • How effective are my investments in marketing?
  • How will market, competitors and customer needs develop?
  • How attractive am I as an employer and how strongly do employees identify with our company?

Our services:

  • Brand strength and brand value measurement
  • Exploration of customer needs
  • Audience Segmentation and Personas
  • Measurement of customer satisfaction and customer enthusiasm
  • Employee satisfaction and commitment measurements
  • Employer Brand Attractiveness
  • Marketing Spend Effectiveness
  • Competition analysis and benchmarking
  • Market analyzes and future scenarios

We work with a broad range of methods and tailor them to you. We do not pull any approaches out of the drawer. The method follows the problem, not the other way around.

Our methods range from quantitative methods for the measurement of brand and customer strength and brand driver via classical qualitative approaches and individual explorations (deep interviews, collagen, analogies etc.), via focus groups, (n)ethnographic studies, observations, diary methods, shadowing, ZMET technique to modern approaches like Design Thinking, Social Listening or Empathic Research.

Mirjam Stahl
+49 6831 95956-12
mail contact
You will then receive the contact request confirmation by email.

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