Development of purpose, vision and corporate strategy

A successful future with a clear attitude

Volatile markets, rapid changes through digitization, disruption through new competitors, changed customer behavior, internationalization and crises pose great challenges for companies. Companies that have a clear attitude and know what they stand for are demonstrably more successful in overcoming such hurdles. Purpose, vision and corporate values must be developed and institutionalized in a clear and motivating manner. Goals, strategies, measures and KPIs must be coordinated accordingly. This forms the foundation for profitable growth.

What is special about us:

We know that often the simplest questions are the best. Instead of developing castles in the air, we hit the core of your company and formulate a convincing corporate philosophy and develop corporate strategies that can be implemented and lead you to success.

Every company needs a clear corporate philosophy.

The development of the corporate philosophy consists of purpose, vision and corporate values. These express the company’s attitude.

  • Purpose: Why does your company exist? What drives you?
  • Company values: What do you stand for?
  • Vision: What is your vision, where do you want to be in ten years?

Many companies are concerned with these questions. They must be asked regularly because the environment is changing and your company is subject to constant adjustments. Answering these questions is an important first step: the corporate philosophy is on paper. The second step is to bring it to life. By implementing the purpose and values into the company so that employees think, feel and act in line with the corporate philosophy and have a cultural impact. And through a strategy, target and action planning to concretize the ambitious vision for the next few years.

We have been accompanying companies in a wide variety of industries as pioneers in this area since 2005. From DAX companies to hidden champions. We help you with the right tools to answer these questions in a nutshell as a specification for goals, strategies and their implementation.


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